Belgian Tapestry Cushion Covers

From floral motifs to allegorical themes, the intricately woven Belgian cushions add a touch of luxurious furnishing to your living space. You can use these beautiful tapestry cushions on your favorite rocking chair, or window alcove, or maybe cozy up your patio seating. Our big collection allows you to explore different designs and styles created by some of the most skilled artists in Belgium. The country is known for world-famous tapestries featuring paintings and historical scenes on textiles that are transformed into art nouveau Belgian tapestry cushions.  
As the leading country in the production of tapestries and tapestry cushions, the art of Belgium is a legacy passed down from generations of handloom artisans from the 16th century. Our collection highlights the works of Johannes Vermeer, Raphael, and Vincent Van Gogh that are hand-loomed over rich textiles giving you food for thought on landscapes and verdures, animals and wildlife, impressionism, and more.
Most of the time, matching cushions make your living look dowdy and dull because they blend with your seating, taking away your opportunity to add color and fun. Spruce up your home decor skills with Belgian cushion covers and fabric, and select a sophisticated color palette adding meaning to your style. The Tree of Life VI by William Morris are typical tapestry cushions offering a gorgeous meaning to contemplate and, if you are looking for something lighter, we recommend floral aesthetics like the Smallest of Dreams by Simon Bull.
Filter by categories to specify your taste or else you might chance upon some pieces that look totally out of this world! We offer multitudes of colors, so be sure that our designs and the range of cushion covers match your palette. The antique Belgium tapestry pillows in custom fabrics will make your couches cozier and adorable.
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