Medieval Tapestries

It is common for medieval tapestries to show images from daily life as well as scenes from legends, fables, and mythology. The collection also includes recreations of the painters' best works as well as their artistically symbolic depictions of life and the environment. The wall hangings made from medieval tapestries by Charlotte Wall Hangings include mythical creatures, virgin faces, a focus on sensation and perception, family life, the exaltation of battles, and the celebration of illustrious families and dynasties. Most of the Medieval tapestry wall hangings either symbolize life within family and society or scenic views dominated by plants and flowers. The fabrics used in the tapestries by Charlotte Wall Hangings are of the finest quality to weave the tapestries characterized by high-quality finishing. 
Use these medieval tapestry art wall hanging to give an eclectic feel to your home and accentuate your home decor motif. All the tapestries are made in varying colors and sizes.
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