6 Ways To Hang a Tapestry Without Nails | Easily Hang a Tapestry

Looking for a way to hang a tapestry without nails? In this blog we have described 6 ways by which you can easily hang a tapestry without nails. Often people overlook the aesthetic qualities of a plain wall but tapestries are one of the simplest yet most creative ways to spruce up and design a stunning home décor. Certainly, you can display artwork, personal photographs, and construct wall art, but what if we told you that you might take it a step further? Continue reading further to learn more about how to put tapestry on wall without nails while adding richness, depth, and design to an environment.

6 Easy Ways to Hang a Tapestry without Nails

1- Self-Adhesive Hooks:-

Do you want to know how to hang a tapestry without leaving a trace on the walls? Adhesive hooks are a viable alternative as they are easily removable without leaving any residue or a hole, unlike nails. These hooks are available in various patterns and sizes to meet your needs. If you stay in a rented house or relocate frequently, this is the best way to hang a wall tapestry; it’s simple to install and remove whenever the need appears.

2- Velcro Bands:-

If you’re a rental with a landlord who doesn’t like nails, this is a perfect way of holding a tapestry. If there is no wall damage, the security deposit is returned in full. Try to use Velcro on all corners to keep your favorite tapestry tight and accurate for a flawless appearance. So, if you’re seeking tapestry hanging options that don’t require the headache of nails, clips, hooks, and nails, go no further.

3- Rope Made Using Thread:-

Another safe and damage-free option to hang a wall tapestry is with threaded rope. This technique requires no special hardware and offers the tapestry a much cleaner appearance after it is hung. Thread or rope can be used to hang the tapestry by simply attaching a self-adhesive hook to each end of the tapestry and securing it with a string or wire.

4- Using a Curtain or Tapestry Rod to Hang:-

It is best to arrange a curtain rod on the wall to provide additional support for the tapestry. To simplify the technique and hang your eye-catching tapestry over the curtain or drapes, a tapestry rod may be utilized to hold a tapestry where a thread can be used again.

5- Get It Framed:-

You can turn a tapestry into a piece of artwork by framing it, measuring the tapestry and the size of the wall, and then marking the location where you want this to hang. So, if you’re wondering how and, where to hang a tapestry without nails so it doubles as a masterpiece, that’s the solution to go. Placing a framed tapestry on your wall highlights the fine details, adds color to the wall, and enhances the tapestry’s overall aesthetic appearance. Using nails or hooks to hang the tapestry may cause harm to the tapestry as well as your wall.

6- Install a Wooden Wall Mount:-

Mount a decorative or patterned wooden piece on your wall, be sure to only use adhesive hooks where there will be no marks. Select a piece of wood to the length of your tapestry, get it painted to your liking, and staple your tapestry to it with a staple gun.


So, these are some ways by which you can hang a tapestry without putting holes in it. Tapestries have become a much-discussed aspect of any home décor in recent years, and they are being utilized in many creative and innovative ways. Due to the obvious variety of contemporary tapestry, antique, and famous artist tapestry, it has become a must-have artwork among home décor enthusiasts. However, making certain that the tapestry is not damaging your home’s walls or freshly painted ceilings is a major concern. If you use a nail and hammer, for this reason, you will almost certainly make a mess of the walls; instead, choose better options that will save you time and will not harm the walls.