Cosmetic Bags

Traveling or simply sorting the tiny things you need daily gets easier with the cute tapestry cosmetic bags. The small hand-embroidered floral cosmetic bags are versatile in functionality as well as in appearance. From floral prints to cute faunal depictions, the tapestry style of making small cosmetic bags for purses makes them appealing. The vintage choice of colors adds elegance and the golden tassel ends by the zippered closure accentuate their appearance. Lined from the inside, the cute cosmetic bags are an elegant pick that is inspired by 15th-century women who kept their cosmetics secured in tapestry bags.
Choosing the best vintage cosmetic bag to complement your luxurious taste from our extensive collection that also brings the exclusive Bergues woven European handbag made to feature a cream background embellished with multicolored flowers. The toiletry bags are a must-have for keeping your essentials organized with you to a stylish weekend off to beautiful destinations.