Tapestry Bell Pulls

For a long time back bell pulls have been functional in ringing the bells and decorating offices and manors and now with electric doorbells the antique tapestry bell pulls have become part of the decor preserving the rich past. Tapestry bell pulls offer a touch of finesse to the empty spaces by the doors and showcases fine woven work of the European influence. The selection of these elaborate tapestry bell pull wall hanging embellishments for your houses, office, or worship spaces will become very simple with our wide collection.
Features famous patterns and paintings like Fleurs De Morris, Tree Of Life in pastel, and Prise De Lille blend fabric tapestry bell pulls are an elegant and subtle way to add a rustic look to your decor. The beautifully woven bell pulls can be used as handles, ropes, or cords for ringing the doorbells or servant bells.
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