How to Choose a Tapestry for Each Room


For hundreds of years, tapestries have occupied the halls of castles, homes, and other occupied properties all over the world! At Charlotte Home Furnishings, we provide our customers with a huge selection of imported European tapestries to bring curiosity, beauty, and elegance into their homes. From traditional options to more contemporary or nature-based designs, we have a huge collection to choose from that will help you to create perfect indoor spaces. Check out our tapestry store today to find the perfect home decor for your walls!


Measure Your Space

You would be surprised at how often people buy a tapestry without first measuring their walls or room dimensions. This typically results in the tapestry being either too large or too small — creating an uncomfortable space or just plain out not fitting. If you are considering a tapestry for wall-hanging decor in your home, the first thing you need to do is measure your walls and room dimensions to determine the perfect size for your wall-hanging tapestry! For help with finding the perfectly sized tapestry for your home, shop our collection of tapestries today!


Think About Your Unique Style

Your home decor should reflect you and your unique, aesthetic taste! Whether you are looking for something ornate, traditional, contemporary, or anything in between, consider your ideal coloring and style to help you find the perfect tapestry art for your home. You should also take in things like your furniture, carpet, and other aspects of the room you are decorating to help keep a consistent style throughout your home. If you don’t quite know where to start, check out our huge collection of designs to see what might fit you and your home.


Look at Paint Color

When you are shopping for tapestry art, it’s vital that you take into account the paint color of the room you are decorating. Most people do this already, but in many cases, the tapestry they think works best does not flow at all. Our advice? Bring your computer into whatever room you are decorating to compare different tapestries to the exact room you are decorating. This can help you to visualize exactly what that tapestry will look like when it’s used in that room. If you are looking for the perfect tapestry to decorate your home, shop our incredible collection of imported tapestries today.


Try Different Placements

From living rooms to kitchens and dining rooms, most areas in your home have three, four, maybe five potential spots for your tapestry to occupy. There are some tapestries that look great at the head of a table, while others may look best displayed along the longer edge of your dining room table. The location of your tapestry matters, and so does its orientation. When looking for the perfect tapestry to decorate your home with, consider its placement in the room of choice as well as your desired orientation to help you make the right decision.


From traditional designs to more contemporary art, at Charlotte Home Furnishings, we have curated a unique and large collection of imported tapestries for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a statement piece to compliment your dining room or something to bring a sense of curiosity to your living room, our expertly-made tapestries are incredible additions to any home. They help you to bring class and your unique aesthetic taste into your home no matter the application you choose. For more information about our selection or to see everything that we have to offer, shop with Charlotte Home Furnishings today!

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