What Tapestry Style Is Best for Your Home?

Tapestries are some of the most beautiful and unique works of art that decorate the walls of homes all over the world. At Charlotte Home Furnishings, we specialize in providing our customers with some of the finest imported tapestry art we can find. If you are considering a tapestry to decorate your home, here are four home styles and the tapestry styles that match them to help you get started! Shop our huge collection of hanging and other decor tapestries today!

Warm, Modern Style

With warm woods, dark metals, leather furniture, and warm lighting, tapestries are an incredible addition for a warm, modern home. Perfect hanging tapestries for this style of home would be a nautical tapestry, people-based tapestry, or even a seascape tapestry.


From log cabins to farmhouse design, rustic homes are incredible backdrops for a tapestry presentation. If you are looking for a beautiful tapestry for a rustic home, consider a tapestry modeled after a renaissance painting or even a castle and monument tapestry.


For those of you who love the Magnolia style, a tapestry may not seem up your alley. However, we think that a tapestry goes great with this home style. Consider a flanders tapestry or a landscape tapestry to give your home a sense of beauty and curiosity.


With ornate woods, upholstered furniture, and elegant accents, if your home follows a more traditional style, a tapestry is the perfect choice for decorating. Honestly, most tapestry designs go well with a traditional home, but to get started with your choice, check out our famous artist tapestries, pansu tapestries, and our city and country tapestries.

No matter your home style or aesthetic taste, at Charlotte Home Furnishings, we have curated a huge collection of hanging tapestries for you to decorate your home with. Whether you’ve got a rustic home or something more modern, you will find something you love in our collection! Shop our tapestries today.


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