4 Home Decor Options To Complete Any Space

credenza with large round mirror above it, a wall sconce and a large leaf plant next to it.


Your home is a reflection of both your values and your aesthetic taste. At Charlotte Home Furnishings, we specialize in providing our customers with imported European home decor to help them create a space that is beautiful, elegant, and unique. Decorating your home is a great time, but how do you do it well? Finding the right decor is the perfect place to start! Here are four home decor options from Charlotte Home Furnishings that are sure to complete any space. Shop our huge home decor collection of tapestry art and wall-hanging decor today!

close up of a tapestry with Native American pattern


For centuries, tapestries have been the wall hanging of choice for homes all over the world. Expertly created with flawlessly blended colors and images, at Charlotte Home Furnishings, we offer a huge variety of hanging tapestries for you to create a beautiful space with. Whether you want something traditional, contemporary, or nature-based, you will find a tapestry you love when you shop our huge collection! With options that picture European castles as well as hundreds of other options to choose from, you will find something perfect for your space from Charlotte Home Furnishings. For more information about our products and where we source them, reach out to us today!


Throw pillows at the end of a bed's bench.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are universally considered a necessary addition to any room that holds furniture. From beds to couches and accent chairs, the applications of tapestry pillowcases and pillows are endless. If you are looking for unique and expertly crafted pillows and tapestry pillowcases, we offer a huge selection of incredible options for you to choose from. From elegant floral designs to traditional European tapestry, you will find something you love when you shop with Charlotte Home Furnishings! Reach out to us today or shop our collection of tapestry throw pillows to find out more!

two oil paintings framed.

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings represent both beauty and skill. The amount of time and effort that goes into creating an oil painting brings a sense of elegance to any room. From contemporary art to incredible ocean scenes, a beautiful oil painting has the ability to bring a room together like nothing else does. Whether you are looking for something to bring to your dining room some class or a wall hanging to bring detail and curiosity to your living room, whatever your style is, you will find something that you love when you search through the oil painting collection at Charlotte Home Furnishings. To find the perfect oil painting to compliment your home, visit our oil painting store today.


Dark gray fuzzy throw blanket on a leather couch.

Throw Blankets

For both comfort and aesthetic appeal, throw blankets are the perfect option for any room with couches or chairs that deserve more character. The incredible tapestry throw blankets from Charlotte Home Furnishings are elegant and unique, providing any room with beauty and aesthetic appeal that nothing else quite does. If you are looking for design elements to implement into your home, a tapestry throw blanket is the perfect option to bring together any room! Shop our collection today to find the perfect throw blanket.

Whatever your taste, whatever your home decor needs, at Charlotte Home Furnishings, we provide our customers with imported tapestry and other home decor options to create the perfect space to enjoy all year round. Whether you are looking to fill out a couch and give it some character or bring an interesting piece to the walls of your home, our goal is to provide incredible options for you to choose from. For more information about our products and how you can perfect your home decor, shop our collection or reach out to us today!


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