Labrador Red Belgian Cushion Cover

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This Jacquard woven cushion cover boasts a captivating scene with a yellow Labrador set against a rich red background. The Labrador takes center stage with its endearing soft eyes and a gentle expression, imparting a sense of warmth and charm. Within the red background, the intricate weave skillfully incorporates subtle delicate flowers and vines. The fusion of textures and colors creates an aesthetically pleasing composition, making this cushion cover a tasteful addition to any space. The meticulous craftsmanship of the Jacquard weaving technique enhances the overall visual appeal, elevating the cover beyond a mere decor item to a piece of art that effortlessly combines style and comfort. Embrace the sophistication of this Jacquard-woven creation, where the Labrador's presence adds a touch of grace to your living environment.
Brand: Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc.
Composition: 70% Cotton, 30% Viscose and Polyester Blend
Finish: Cushion cover backed with lining and zipper. Infill not included.
Origin: Woven in Belgium
Color: Red
Dimensions: Weight:
0.1 × 16 × 16 in 1 lbs

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