Lady And The Unicorn Serial Panoramic Belgian Tapestry – 100 in. x 30 in. Cotton/Viscose/Polyester by Charlotte Home Furnishings

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Lady and the Unicorn Serial Panoramic Tapestry brings the beauty and intrigue of the Middle Ages to modern-day surroundings. A series of six tapestries depicting the five senses are shown splayed across a panoramic view of 1500s Paris. Detailed in the style of millefleurs, or thousands flowers”, the tapestry is filled with the most minute detail and intricate coloring. Ideal for hanging on display on a wide entry or dining room wall. The piece is woven by artisan weavers in France using only the finest threads of cotton, viscose, and polyester. The back is lined and tunneled for easy hanging.
Brand: Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc.
Composition: 70% Cotton, 30% Viscose and Polyester Blend
Finish: Backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging
Origin: Woven in Belgium
Color: Red
Dimensions: Weight:
0.1 × 100 × 30 in 6 lbs

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