Falcon Belgian Tapestry Wall Hanging – 32 in. x 31 in. Cotton/Viscose/Polyester/Mercurise by Charlotte Home Furnishings

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Falcon is a Belgian made jacquard wall tapestry. During the medieval period, falconry was a popular noble pastime and therefore a favorite theme among tapestry designers. This panel is a brilliant example that clearly shows the Italian influence in the rich and elegant clothing of the falconers. This piece captures the romanticism of the medieval era; to be a noble dressed in finery whilst participating in a fascinating hobby such as falconry. Adding this piece to your home decor motif is sure to not only capture your gaze, but all who come into your home as well.
Brand: Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc.
Artist: NO
Composition: 70% Cotton, 9% Viscose, 11% Polyester, 10% Mercurise.
Finish: Backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging
Origin: Woven in Belgium
Color: Beige,Cream
Dimensions: Weight:
0.15 × 32 × 31 in 3 lbs

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