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Belgian Wall Tapestry

The art of tapestry has been with us for a long time, and Belgian wall tapestries are some of the most sought-after wall hangings. The Belgian wall tapestry is neither a painting nor an embroidery, these are traditional textile art that is handwoven on a loom. Hosting an excellent exceptional quality of design and presentation, the tapestry made in Belgium was first developed in Europe to fill castles and large churches with warmth creating a visual connection between a homely space that has a body, heart, and soul. Tapestries add an instant pop of color to your living space with the woven variety of colored weft (horizontal) yarn interlaced around the warp (vertical) to form a creative pattern. Creating an atmosphere of serenity, Belgian tapestry wall hangings bring vibrancy, and its luxurious colors are known for being fragile and unbalanced with a weft covering several wraps, lifting the energy of your room.
Belgium has always been the center of European tapestry and ever since the middle ages, it has witnessed various blooms in the looming patterns. Up to the period of Louis XIV, the country was not even on the map, though regional art of knitting wall tapestry art decor from Flanders was significant. Today, these are widely yearned by collectors in the world of antiquity.
Belgian tapestries resemble the original masterpieces depicting scenes of famous paintings and are woven using colored threads, including gold, silver, and silk, some of the finest materials. These art nouveau range from verdure and angelic tapestries to Belgium tapestry wall hanging antiques from the 16th and 17th centuries. Featuring pieces like Lily of the Valley and The Vintage, wall tapestry art decor conveys different emotions and environments, making them a desirable addition to a person’s home.
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