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French Tapestry Wall Hangings

France is the home to some of the world’s greatest artists of which French wall tapestry is mulled over as a part of their cultural heritage, “Patrimoine”. Antiquity collectors and enthusiasts have secreted away these fine textile wall decors remarked as Renaissance treasures and the Impressionist confections to marvelous cathedrals, museums, and some even for personal aesthesia. However bright and beautiful, the French-style tapestry has a certain subtleness to them, which makes them easy to merge with your headboard or atop the mantlepiece. 
Tapestries are more than pieces of thick textile fabric woven with pictures and designs formed from colored weft threads, they are masterpieces that were hung on walls to keep draughts at bay, insulate rooms, ornament rooms, and offer provoking scenes to contemplate. In 14th century Europe, the French medieval tapestry highlighted imagery of flora, battles, and dames as in the vintage French wall tapestry of Dame au Coffret, Scenes Galantes, and Francois Ler. 
French fine quality wall tapestries are used to decorate castle walls and depict heroic scenes from battlegrounds or beautiful maidens expertly woven mostly with wool, silk, or rarer metallic threads. The antique French tapestry wall hangings were supposed to be a signal of one’s immense wealth, and Henry VIII was reputed for possessing more than 2,000 odd tapestries. Make your living, study or office spaces appear bigger with tapestries creating an illusion with borderless and wide options. As wall tapestry art becomes the main feature item of your space, go with larger dimensions to avoid cluttering. French tapestry gladly shares its pride in creating fine quality weaves to roll down the walls of your residences. French tapestries are pieces of the art looms from different times decorated with a rich culture making a desirable addition to your homes and hearts.
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