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Italian Tapestry Wall Hangings

In European art, the Italian tapestries hold a prime place due to their sheer beauty, visually captivating color scheme, and rich renaissance history. From beautiful Tuscan hills to culturally popular Gondola rides, Italian tapestries have covered every beatific scene as their subjects. For home decor and furnishing, our tapestry collection offers a wide range of creations designed to accentuate and blend seamlessly with modern, rustic, and traditional decors. Each of our tapestries is designed to dwell with subjects, such as religious and historical figures, timeless historical events and structures, or breathtaking depictions of natural beauty. 
Showcasing the creations of meticulous artists, such as Alberto Passini, Andy Warhol, Canaletto, Donatello, Giovanni Bellini, and so much more, our antique Italian tapestry wall hangings provide depth and tone to your room decor. Each depiction exudes richness, creativity, and precision in every corner, showcasing scenes from the 16th & 17th centuries, animals and wildlife, battles and tournaments, castles and architecture, and so much more. We have something for everyone’s taste. Different width and height options are also available for large, small, and wide walls. A great way to adorn your home, the lovely touch of our tapestries is sure to add warmth to any room. 
Our Italian tapestry wall hangings are available in a myriad of sizes and colors. You can get your hands on the Nascita di Venere to create a beautiful impression or Barcaiolo Italian for creating a peaceful space. Each has its significance and each one is created to appear stylish, rustic, authentic, and mount-worthy. Explore our complete range of Italian tapestries and choose the one that suits your decor taste and style. 
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