Tapestry Cushions

Excite your living room’s aesthetics with luxurious tapestry cushion covers from Charlotte Home Furnishings. Our high-quality tapestry pillow covers are made with 100% cotton and represent the imagination of many. The tapestry cushion covers portray the daily life of people, animals, nature stills, and some of the renowned paintings by the greatest painters of the impressionist era.

Our collection of tapestry pillow covers includes work by many well-known artists. In our collection, you can find the Cherubs from the Madonna of San Sisto, also known as Raphael angels by Raphael Sanzio, and the Bayeux Tapestry, which depicts the Norman conquest of England. In addition, the Bellagio Village Door, the impressionist tapestry cushion piece inspired by the work of Robert Pejman, the jacquard weaved Falcon 1, Peacock & Doves inspired by Eugene Bidau’s “A Peacock and Doves In a Garden”, and many more luxurious embroideries.

The color combination of the Belgian tapestry cushion also highlights their richness. Most of our cushion covers are woven in Belgium and vary in size from 14 x 14 inches to 17 x 17 inches. They feature invisible zipper closure that makes placement and removal of cushion inserts very easy.  These artistic pillowcases will add color and life to any area in your home! Decorate your space with your favorite tapestry-style cushion covers when you shop with Charlotte Home Furnishings. The vibrant combination of the birds, village scene and garden cushion covers are designed to enhance the appearance of your living space overall.

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