L’Attente Klimt A Gauche Clair French Wall Tapestry – 28 in. x 58 in. Cotton/Viscose/Polyester by Gustav Klimt

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"L'Attente Klimt a Gauche Clair," a mesmerizing Jacquard Woven Tapestry crafted in France. This exceptional artwork is an homage to the renowned artist Gustav Klimt, showcasing his masterful touch and evocative style. Also known as "The Waiting, Lady," this tapestry captivates viewers with its exquisite details and ethereal beauty. The colors of "L'Attente Klimt a Gauche Clair" are a symphony of richness and depth, with a palette that effortlessly combines soft pastels and vibrant jewel tones. Golden threads weave a tapestry within a tapestry, echoing Klimt's fascination with gold leaf and his distinctive incorporation of gold accents in his works. These shimmering golden touches catch the light, adding an enchanting glow to the tapestry and imbuing it with an aura of opulence. As your gaze traverses the tapestry, you are drawn into a realm of enchantment and allure. The central figure, "The Waiting, Lady," exudes an aura of quiet contemplation and mystery. Her gaze is captivating, inviting you to immerse yourself in the narrative of her inner world. Intricate patterns and motifs intertwine around her, symbolic of the intricate tapestry of life itself.
Brand: Charlotte Home Furnishings Inc.
Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Viscose and Polyester blend.
Finish: Backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging
Origin: Woven in France
Color: Gold
Dimensions: Weight:
0.1 × 28 × 58 in 3 lbs

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