The History of Tapestries

10 November 2022

Since the 12th century, tapestries have adorned the walls of castles, cottages, and homes all around the world and have been around even longer than that. At Charlotte Home Furnishings, we specialize in importing unique and beautiful hanging tapestries and tapestry art to bring all of that historical value into the comfort of your own […]

4 Home Decor Options To Complete Any Space

9 November 2022

  Your home is a reflection of both your values and your aesthetic taste. At Charlotte Home Furnishings, we specialize in providing our customers with imported European home decor to help them create a space that is beautiful, elegant, and unique. Decorating your home is a great time, but how do you do it well? […]

How to Choose a Tapestry for Each Room

8 November 2022

  For hundreds of years, tapestries have occupied the halls of castles, homes, and other occupied properties all over the world! At Charlotte Home Furnishings, we provide our customers with a huge selection of imported European tapestries to bring curiosity, beauty, and elegance into their homes. From traditional options to more contemporary or nature-based designs, […]

What Tapestry Style Is Best for Your Home?

7 November 2022

Tapestries are some of the most beautiful and unique works of art that decorate the walls of homes all over the world. At Charlotte Home Furnishings, we specialize in providing our customers with some of the finest imported tapestry art we can find. If you are considering a tapestry to decorate your home, here are […]

17 October 2022

Wall hangings can be used to beautify your home and provide grace and beauty to the walls. The gorgeous and alluring wall tapestries, which complement any type of décor, can be used to accomplish the beautification of the walls or the rooms. Tapestries are wall hangings that can embellish your home and are one of […]

17 October 2022

Want to change the look of your indoor spaces but are tired of experimenting with decor and interiors? The interiors can be spiced up with some other fantastic ideas, though. A fashionable work of art, such as a wall hanging or painting, can be added. Even adding a lovely floor lamp or flower arrangement to […]

6 Ways To Hang a Tapestry Without Nails | Easily Hang a Tapestry

8 August 2022

Looking for a way to hang a tapestry without nails? In this blog we have described 6 ways by which you can easily hang a tapestry without nails. Often people overlook the aesthetic qualities of a plain wall but tapestries are one of the simplest yet most creative ways to spruce up and design a […]

4 Major Benefits of Buying Large Wall Tapestries Online

8 August 2022

Buying Large Wall Tapestries Reflect Elegance and Quality of a Home and Its Owner Large Wall Tapestry hangings have been used to decorate homes and living spaces for ages, and the practice persists today as well. Buying wall tapestries are amongst the most outstanding and skill-based visual arts, and they come from a diverse range […]

Ways to Decorate That Blank Space above Your Sofa

4 December 2018

Ways to Decorate That Blank Space above Your Sofa Are you scratching your head while looking at that big, blank space above your living room sofa, unsure of what exactly you will fill the space with? Below are some creative ways to dress up that empty space, from simple lights to wall art tapestries. Mirrors […]